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Pottery Taster Sessions

If you have limited time or you’re not sure whether pottery is the right thing for you, or if you just want to do something different, our taster sessions are the perfect starting point. Ideal for children as well as adults, a one hour making session is followed (three weeks later) by a glazing session. The total package costs £45 per person (£42 children and concessions) which includes the cost of all materials and both firings in the kiln.

Taster sessions must be booked in advance but we're happy to take short notice bookings if we can - in that case please phone to book as we don't look at facebook or emails when we are actually in the pottery. However, our activities are popular so it's worth booking ahead especially if you have a particular date in mind. As well as day-time slots we have spaces available at weekends and evenings. Due to being open in the evenings we tend not to make any bookings for sessions before 11am!

We usually start taster sessions with five minutes of tuition and then customers are encouraged to make whatever they would like. We have plenty of samples that can be copied but many people follow their own plan. We are there throughout taster sessions to advise and talk through what might and what might not work.

We offer two different taster options: "handbuilding" or "combo". Click here for our Taster Sessions Leaflet.

Taster Sessions. brown wiggle pot

Handbuilding Taster

If you want to make something by hand we have plenty of samples for inspiration which we have graded from the “Very Very Easy” (eg a fridge magnet or hanging ornament) through to “A Bit Fiddly” (eg this decorative wiggly coil bowl). You will be free to make anything you would like during your taster session and we will help and guide you throughout the session. If you know what you want to make in advance please tell us so we can prepare any necessary materials or tools.

It's worth googling "slab work" or "handbuilt ceramics" to see what amazing things can be made by rolling and shaping clay.

Taster Sessions. Anne throwing a pot

Wheel / Hand-Building Combo Taster

If you’ve never done it before, throwing on the wheel is harder to pick up than hand-building and it can take half a dozen lessons (or more!) to really understand what you are trying to do. Because of this we can’t do a one-off wheel taster session. However, not everyone wants to commit to a whole course, and it’s real fun to have a go on the wheel, so we offer a combination taster session where you can have a little go on the wheel plus do some hand building within the same session. We will prepare the clay and stick it on the wheel for you, so you can have a go at creating a pot. Although we’ll be helping, the fun of getting your hands covered in clay and seeing whether your pot collapses is all yours! During the session you’ll also hand-build a matching saucer and more if there’s time.

And don't forget the glazing!

Whether you hand-built for your taster session or did our combo taster session, the glaze taster session takes place about three weeks after you made your pottery. The clay will have had its first firing and we will introduce you to all the options for turning your “bisque” into proper glazed ceramics. There are many options for glazing and we have films on our YouTube channel if you want to think about your colours in advance.

Bring a friend!
Both of our taster options are great for pairs as well as for individuals. The handbuilding taster is also a great option for a group and infact the price for the tasters reduces per person the more people you bring - have a look on our groups page for details. Details of the cost for individuals and pairs to come for taster session, including concessions prices, are on the payment option buttons below, and payment options for groups are on the groups page. Or pay by card or cash when you get here.

No hidden costs
Everything is included in the £45 fee (£42 concessions): one making session, one glazing session, all materials, tuition, plus the cost of both firings in the kiln. Free tea and coffee!

Pay for taster sessions when you come to the Studio or pay in advance by Card or PayPal

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Taster Sessions

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