The Milndavie Pottery Strathblane, Scotland

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The Milndavie Pottery and Training Centre


This picture shows the carport where we are building the Milndavie Pottery. It doesn't look very exciting yet, but we know it will be! Building work should be complete in May 2019 and we are planning to open on 10th June. Please come back to the website every so often to see our progress.

This page will be about the pottery, our ethos and what we plan to do.

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We have imagined running a pottery together for some years and are very excited to have come to such a beautiful setting in Strathblane to fulfill that dream.

It was hard to decide what to call the pottery and in the end we chose to name it after the road we are in. The name Milndavie stretches back several hundred years to 1657 when there was a mill nearby. The granary that used to be attached to the mill still exists. We hope to build on that industrial foundation and construct a place of creativity, relaxation and development.

Our first pottery was in the garden shed in Anne's back garden (which she fondly called the cabin) when we lived in London. In that, rather cramped, setting we learned that making things with clay is a tantalising and absorbing hobby. Anne had her first pottery lesson thirty five years ago and though she was hooked immediately, career and children created a gap of a few decades before she attended any further classes. Although still very much a beginner, her skills have improved and now her pots look a bit more like pots, although sometimes they still crack and warp. Lydia did a term of pottery when she was 13 and remembers nothing other than that she enjoyed it. She is far behind Anne in her ability to make pots, but has grown to love glazing the pots that Anne makes.

Neither Anne nor Lydia are expert potters, but nevertheless they are always working hard to improve their skills and hope to share their passion for clay (and their little bits of knowledge) with customers at the Milndavie Pottery. Have a look on our "courses" page to see what's on.

This picture is of the original pottery in the "cabin" in Anne's back garden.

The Pottery. cabin

And here is Anne's daughter using the wheel. It's so much fun.

The Pottery. ailsamakingpot

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