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...but we’ve left the details on this page so you can plan ahead.
In the meantime why not take some clay home and see what you can make. Click here for details.

Parties and Workshops

The Milndavie Pottery is ideal for groups of six people, although we can fit in up to ten and have ample parking as we have reinforced our grass so cars can park on the lawn. We have a small kitchen area (just kettle and microwave) and offer free tea and coffee for all - plus treats to buy (chocolate and crisps).

There are probably as many reasons for wanting to bring a group to our pottery as there are glazing techniques, but we've thought of these main categories...

- to celebrate something like a birthday
- to do something fun together
- to while-away a quiet afternoon
- to team build
- to add some fun to a meeting
- to work on a particular project together

We will be very happy to discuss your ideas.

Parties & Groups. ALandPots

Parties & Groups. tvbear


We have devised a format for our parties which can be tweaked and personalised. We can plan activities on a theme if you have a particular interest eg Space, Unicorns, Van Gogh. With enough notice most themes could be accommodated and planned in an age appropriate way (age 7 to 97!)

Our usual party format is...
- a simple craft activity (not clay) will be on the table when guests arrive so they can get on with crafting as soon as they sit down.
- once everyone is settled and ready to start, the first activity will be to make a little something from clay. We will guide you through the process and provide all materials.
- about half way through the party we will provide a bag of crisps, treat size chocolate, plus water or squash. You are welcome to bring cake.
- after the break everyone will paint a factory made item.
- for anyone finishing their clay activities early, we will provide an additional (non clay, age appropriate) craft activity. Anyone who doesn’t get time to do it can take it home with them.

Parties start at £96 for a group of up to 6. Additional guests (up to a maximum of 10 altogether) are charged at £15 per person. This price includes one of our lowest priced factory made items for each guest to paint (usually everyone paints the same thing at our parties) but the price will rise if you choose something more expensive to paint. This will be discussed in advance and there will be no hidden costs!

It is essential you don’t bring more people than you have booked for - even if you are willing to pay for them we must know in advance so we can make sure we have enough materials for everyone.

This party format takes 90 minutes and will suit most people from age 7 to 97. For younger children you will need to provide some extra adults to help so that the activities don’t become frustrating.

Parties & Groups. ourbisque

Grown up parties

The format for parties described above can work for adults too, but you may prefer to choose one thing for your guests to do at the party - either painting on bisque (the ready made ceramics we described above) or making something out of clay. You are welcome to bring wine (and cake)!

If you decide to make something out of clay we charge £15 per person (minimum 6 people) (£16 each if you want the crisps and chocolate!). Our ready-made bisque starts at £7 per item so a group of 6 people could come to paint for £42 altogether. Chocolate negotiable!

Party Food

Our party format includes a bag of crisps and treat size chocolate bar each.

You can book an extra 30 minutes if you would like to provide additional party food. We have a sink, kettle and microwave but no kitchen facilities and it will need to be finger food as the only table will be covered in clay! We have a carpeted area at the side of the pottery studio where children can sit on the floor and we have two sofas for adults. The extra half hour will cost £1 per crafter ie £6 to £10 depending on numbers.

Having fun together

Maybe it's not a party you want but instead to bring your group to enjoy an activity together. You don't have to have cake to enjoy time in the pottery!

Making things from clay is an activity that spans the ages and is perfect for family groups where gran and the grand-children can be equally absorbed.

We have a great back-catalogue of Clay Class creations so that there is lots to choose from if you want your group to come and make something, and many groups just choose to do their own thing - creating things from clay that are unique - with any help from us. Alternatively, painting on ready-made items is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, especially with a group of family or friends.

A Clay Class costs £15 per person and if you book for a minimum of six people then the whole studio will be yours.

Alternatively you can book six places for painting on ready-made items (prices start from £7 per person depending on what you choose to paint).

What to do on a quiet afternoon

If you don't have a group big enough to book-out the whole studio you can still come with a couple of friends to join one of our classes, or to paint on ready-made items.

Alternatively, if you would like to have the place to yourself, we are happy to take bookings for private classes:
one-to-one £20 for an hour
two people £40 for an hour
three people £60 for an hour
four people £70 for an hour
five people £80 for an hour
six people £90 for an hour
These classes are all for hand-building. Wheel lessons are also available but for a maximum of two people at a time.

Team Building

We are in such a lovely setting for a team-building day or half day. Activities can be designed to be personal to your group. We charge £180 per half day for up to 6 people (if more than 6 people, additional £20 per person up to max 10 people altogether). If you are staying for the day we can provide a sandwich lunch (price depending on what you want).


Committee or business meetings are so much more enjoyable if they start or finish with an entertaining activity!

Working on a project

The possibilities are endless - make a set of crockery together, decorate tiles, work on a family tree, make a present for someone else, paint on planters. If you've got an idea, we'd love to help you make it happen. Making something is likely to cost £25 per person (minimum 6 people if you want the studio all to yourself) which includes a return visit to glaze your pottery. If you want to paint on ready-made items the prices vary but even big things are usually less than £15 each.

Whatever your idea is, just send an email or phone us to discuss it. With enough notice most things are possible!

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