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In the meantime why not take some clay home and see what you can make. Click here for details.

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About our courses

This amazing view from the pottery gave us a real head start in creating a place where our customers can relax, play, and learn! As well as our love for ceramics Lydia has interests associated to her work as a psychotherapist and sometimes offers short courses where she can share some of that knowledge. We also run a fortnightly paper crafting session.

We offer two different ceramic hand-building sessions - "Clay Class" which gives participants the chance to make a different thing each week and "Clay Club", a four session course, which allows participants to create items from scratch, personally undertaking each step until the pieces are complete. We see Clay Club as a stepping stone to using the pottery independently as the aim of each four week course is to teach and revise the basics of hand-building with clay. "Studio Time" is available for people who want to work on their own projects (hand-building or on the wheel) without the need for guidance from us. "Studio Time" is also for people who want to paint on ready-made items.

One-to-one starter lessons on the wheel are available but don't appear on our calendar page as these are arranged individually.

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Clay Club

Clay Club requires a four-week commitment during which time you will make three or four items from scratch. As well as going home with some great pieces of pottery, the aim of Clay Club is to teach you the basics of hand-building with clay. Each session will start with a five minute tutorial explaining the techniques needed for each item to be made, and then Lydia and Anne will guide you through the process each week. We prepare different samples for each Clay Club and are ready to explain how to make your own version of them, but we are more than happy to support participants who want to stray from the suggested path and design their own ceramics. We will be available to help in any way we can throughout Clay Club sessions.

Clay Club always follows the same format:
Week one—make two things
Week two—make one more thing and tidy last week’s creations
Week three—more tidying, and start glazing
Week four—complete glazing

Please see the calendar for dates of our next Clay Club
Each session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and costs £50 for the four sessions

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Clay and Glaze taster class

Every week we feature a new activity in our Clay Classes. Everything in Clay Class is designed to be completed in one session. Being able to hand-build pottery from scratch in one short session is very unusual and we think you will be delighted with what you can make. You can copy our sample exactly or with some changes, or just do your own thing - so if the date suits you, but the sample we are offering doesn't inspire don't hesitate to book (if you know what you want to make, let us know in case we need to get any equipment out).

Clay Class for adults is usually on Fridays at 7pm and for children is usually on Saturdays at 1.15pm.
All sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.
Clay Class costs £25 per participant which includes a second visit to the pottery about three weeks after the class to paint your creation with glaze.
Clay Class is different every week so unlike Clay Club you do not have to commit to coming regularly. At every Clay Class session we will make sure you have all you need (including guidance!) to make that week's item in one sitting. We could even glaze it for you if you are just here on a flying visit.
Look on our calendar page to see what we will be making each week.

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Studio Time: Painting on ready-made items

We have a good selection of factory made “bisque” ready to be glazed—some ideal for children to paint on, and other more grown-up pieces.

After you have painted your item we will dip them in transparent shiny glaze and fire them in the kiln for you to collect later.

Each piece is individually priced, starting at £7 (the £7 pieces are not huge, but they are not tiny either - no pressure to go bigger, or paint more, if you don't want to). No studio fee! No maths! The price you see on the item is what you pay - you paint it, we add transparent glaze and fire it. Usually our £7 items take about an hour to paint - sometimes more if you choose to paint a detailed design. Younger children tend to paint a bit quicker than older children and we have some colouring pages available for younger children who are waiting for a sibling to finish!

The best time to come to paint on ready-made items is during "Studio Time" sessions, but you are welcome to phone us up to discuss a time that will suit you. If nothing else has been booked up at that time we may well be able to accommodate your request. Please see our calendar page for all the available dates.

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Pay below for painting on our lowest cost items. Pay top-up on the day if you choose something bigger.
Pay for two items if two people are coming.

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Craft and Chatter

Once a fortnight we put away the clay and offer an opportunity to do some papercrafting. We will provide resources for you to make two or three greetings cards each time. You won’t need to bring anything.

If you are an experienced crafter you will enjoy the challenge of seeing what you can do with the materials provided, but if you are new to paper-crafting you will be given help and guidance to make full use of the items available.

Everyone is welcome, but especially if you haven’t played with glue and scissors since you were a kid, we’d love to see you. Paper-crafting is an absorbing and satisfying hobby. No particular skills are needed, so if you like the idea of bringing home some handmade cards —then come and join us.

Each session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and costs £8 per person. Please check our calendar page for the date of the next session.

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Studio Time: Independent Ceramicists

If you have used clay in a pottery before you might prefer to work on your own project independently. We will give you up to three balls of clay to make something. You will be given table space and the necessary tools to hand-build or use the wheel. If you are planning to used the wheel please tell us so we can make sure it is not booked out to someone else!

Assuming you have made something that will be safe in the kiln, we will fire your creation (it will either be white or red depending on which clay you chose) and it will be available to collect in two or three weeks time, or you can book another slot to glaze it and we will fire it again ready for you to collect later.

Our diary varies so check the calendar page for details but often independent ceramicists can book 90 minute sessions at any of these times:
Mondays at 11am
Wednesdays at 1.15pm
Fridays at 1.15pm (and 4.15pm if not booked for a party)
Saturdays at 11am

We charge £12 for potters to use the studio for 90 minutes.

NB Please ask about our Associates scheme if you are interested in using the studio for 8 or more hours each week.

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The Wheel - Getting You Started sessions

We can show you how to make a pot on the wheel, and give you the space to develop your skills at your own pace. We are not experts but know enough to get you started - after that, even if we were experts, it's all about practice! We charge £20 for an hour of individual attention on the wheel. Once you are ready to 'go-it-alone' you can book one of our Studio Time sessions (£12 for 90 minutes) but you must tell us you plan to use the wheel during that session, rather than just hand-build, as we operate a wheel timetable. The times available to work on individual projects (which includes using the wheel) are on the calendar page of the website - just tell us you want to use the wheel when you book. The times for "getting you started" on the wheel are not on the calendar as these are one-to-one, hour long, sessions which we will arrange on an individual basis. Just phone or email to discuss possibilities.

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